EIMUR presentation

We are happy about the feedback we received from presenting our idea for EIMUR. And we already have our first customer 🙂



Lean Canvas for Orkey

Our team came up with the idea to start using algae to increase the biodiesel production for Orkey. We have recommendations for Orkey how and where to start producing algae and suggestions how they can use the remaining algal biomass for secondary products. Based on that idea we started with the lean canvas for Orkey.


Few things we learned today

We approached the assignments first by trying to develop new products and services. We were focusing more on how to use the geo-thermal energy but soon we found out that we have to find a way how to create more revenue and pay more attention to our customer segment. Then we started doing our lean canvas by writing down our customer segment. When we had written down our customer segment we tried to figure out what the added value is for that group. What is the unique experience whay they would come here? Tonight we are going to keep brainstorming and tomorrow when we meet again we are going to put it all together on canvas.